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boosting and reducing the washer’s travel cam to engage and disengage the agitator for clean plus the internal tub for spin.

If no two digit console ID# code is shown you might have to exchange the user interface, but attempt to run the rest of the examination in any case.

The continuous retarding capability boosts the productivity on the automobile operator, while eliminating the need for abnormal mechanical braking work.

Important Be aware: When manually opening the water valves inside the diagnostic manner the drinking water valves Will not likely automatically be turned off by the strain-sensing switch. Don’t go make a sandwich with drinking water flowing into the washing machine’s tub or your household will turn into a swimming pool!

To examine the doorway lock key switches, the door needs to be locked. Start by choosing a cycle and push Commence. You are going to listen to the doorway lock solenoid interact. Unplug the washer within the wall outlet and check for continuity at the next points.

Funky smelling clothing coming from an equipment meant to clean clothing doesn’t make much sense, as well as wont get you Significantly action. Afresh washing device cleansing tablets.

Over the Drain Method, the pump motor turns clockwise (as seen from beneath the washer). This will cause the water pump to draw the h2o from your tub through the recirculation port, forcing the drain Check out ball to seal the drain sump port and drive the drinking water from the drain hose.

***Flywheel ability is definitely the rated electrical power at the engine flywheel minus the standard accessory losses. Add-ons incorporate supporter and charging alternator. Ranking(s) characterize gross Oil Change motor performance in accordance with SAE J1349 conditions.

Basket rotates clockwise with wash pace. If there is not more than enough water inside the tub, the water inlet valve will likely be switched ON to fill-while in the least h2o quantity.

This is the scarce one particular but it implies that a thing is Completely wrong Using the washer cycle that was picked. Place your Duet washer from the UI Exams, and Verify all of the connections into the Management. your washer may have a brand new key Handle board.

Your Duet washer was unable to lock the doorway just after six times… it is possible to’t say it didn’t check out. Verify the tab to the washer’s doorway that inserts into your doorway lock is not damaged, that it’s correctly aligned Together with the doorway lock hole, and that there is nothing that may be jamming the lock. (Duet Washer Doorway Lock Examine)

The Cabrio washer’s drain pump is energized with a hundred and twenty VAC until finally the internal wash basket sinks and reengages Using the Cabrio basket hub furthermore an additional 10 seconds timed drain.

six. Press “Start off” once again to show all indicator lights back on. Rotating the cycle selector knob back and forth should really change the corresponding lights off or on.

The washer motor does what you'll be expecting, it drives the belt for washer tub and agitation capabilities. On top of that the motor uses a starting capacitor that shops additional Vitality for a quick discharge to assist Using the improved load connected to starting off agitator and tub movement.

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